President’s Message July 2018

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

In the beginning of May, myself, Martin Oberg, our Secretary General, Margaret Sherry of

In Conference (ISAR Secretariat and Conference Organisers) visited Toronto to discuss ISAR 2020 with the local hosts David Fisher and Laila Kasrai.

The congress will take place in early October 2020 and will include our ever popular carving workshop. This will be followed by two full days of scientific.  The conference dinner will be in one of Toronto’s most iconic venues – more will be revealed later!

Our local hosts David Fisher and Laila Kasrai promised to offer us a remarkable ISAR meeting in Toronto. If you are planning to join us in Canada, try to add a few days more to visit some of the famous attractions in and around Toronto such as the Royal Ontario Museum, the Distillery District, Kensington Market, Ripley’s Aquarium, the CN Tower or a bit farther away the Niagara falls.

The number of membership applications for ISAR is increasing year on year and for those of you on the ISAR What’s App – you will have witnessed just how active our members and colleagues have been over the last few months.

In the meantime, the Executive Council is preparing some adjustments to the By-Laws, and working on the development of our new website.   We would value any comments or suggestions from all of our members, so please drop us an email with any ideas you might have.

We will keep you posted with all new developments, but for now, I wish everyone a beautiful summer and time for relaxation.

Kind regards,

Prof.Moshe Kon, MD, PhD

President’s Message February 2018

Dear colleagues and friends,

At the start of 2018 the ExCo of ISAR conferred in Amsterdam. Besides discussing the timeline and necessities for our next meeting in Toronto 2020, membership was high on the agenda.

As I mentioned in my previous President’s letter, we need more members to turn ISAR into a strong society. But numbers alone are not sufficient to achieve this. We also have to be certain that our members are able to treat patients according to the state of art of this moment.

Therefore accepting applications of colleagues who have a very limited experience in performing ear reconstruction poses a serious dilemma for us. Whilst we want colleagues from countries where facilities are limited to be able to improve their skills by being part of the ISAR family, we don’t want new colleagues to take advantage of the use of our logo if they cannot provide patients with optimal care and treatment.

To those colleagues, before being accepted as members, we would like to extend a helping hand in finding the right places to increase their knowledge and dexterity while participating in a fellowship program provided by one of our experienced members.

In general we want to emphasize that we are a small society and lines between members are short. If treatment problems are encountered, the ExCo is willing to serve as a contact for all our members to provide you with advice or the names of the right people to contact. Our goal is excellence and it can only be achieved if we support each other in case of difficult treatment modalities or complications.

Looking over our list of members, several countries are under-represented. Therefore we will contact the national societies in order to get names of those colleagues who perform ear reconstructions. They will be invited to apply for membership. If you yourself are familiar with colleagues who are dealing with the treatment of ear deformities, please encourage them to apply for membership.

We are looking to upgrade and improve our website and to make it more visible on online searches by changing its domain name to

I would like to ask those members who have instructive video’s to make those available for use on the website. Teaching the proper techniques and operating high numbers of patients is a way to help to improve one’s skill towards excellence.

I wish you all a wonderful, healthy and successful 2018 and we will keep you posted on new developments in ISAR.

Kind regards,

Prof.Moshe Kon, MD, PhD


President’s Message October 2017

Dear colleagues and friends,

After returning from the very successful 2nd ISAR congress in Beijing, I would once more like to thank our local hosts Prof. Jiang and Prof. Zhang for their hospitality and the perfect organization of a great conference. But we need to praise Barbara Mesquita and Leonie Postma from In Conference as well, who were both involved with every aspect of the organization and were always available in Beijing to answer every question and solve all problems. For the 152 attendees from 36 countries a platform was created where experience, new techniques, tricks and problems were shared. Research papers in the field of 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering showed us the probability to provide us, in the near future, with alternatives for autologeous cartilage or Medpor.

The new ExCo, consisting of Alexandre Marchac (Sacha), Martin Öberg and myself, together with Barbara Mesquita of In Conference immediately started to implement the decisions made during the General Assembly after returning home. Soon the website will be upgraded and faster and we will solve the problems encountered with the payments (when paying the society).

ISAR needs to grow in the number of members and I would like everyone who attended the 2017 meeting and is presently not a member to check the guidelines for membership and to apply (click here to apply). We will make membership easier by omitting the former prerequisite of having presented at an ISAR meeting, one of the most important changes in the by-laws. I would also encourage our members to bring in new members before the next meeting in 2020. If we want to be able to compare information and results of our treatments we have to start collaborating in the validation of the EarQ, presented by Anne Klassens during the meeting and adopt this as the official patient based outcome measure for the society.

The 3rd ISAR congress will take place in Toronto in 2020. I am sure that our local hosts David Fisher and Leila Kasrai will do their utmost to organize a splendid congress. The ExCo is looking forward to receiving an incredible number of abstracts so that we can put together a well-balanced and high level scientific program.

It all started in Malmö, where the founding members of ISAR came together and provided the layout of what ISAR is today. Now, after the two successful congresses in Paris and Beijing, we can say that ISAR is alive and kicking. But the society needs your support in applying for membership and stimulating colleagues to become members. A higher number of members will turn ISAR into a strong society with a sturdy base for the future. It is a great honour to serve as your President for the next 3 years and together with the other ExCo members and In Conference I hope to achieve this.

Kind regards to you all,

Prof. Moshe Kon, MD, PhD


President’s Message August 2017

Dear colleagues,

Time flies and summer is soon leaving us again. At least up in the northern part of Europe. In less than two months I hope to see you in Beijing at our ISAR2017 congress. The program is now finalized and I can assure you that we are going to have three very fruitful days filled with many high-quality lectures and key-note speeches at the ISAR2017. The very appreciated ear sculpting work-shop is also planned to be repeated. The social activities will also give us unforgettable memories of our Beijing visit. And don’t forget our Burt Brent award for the best presentation.

For me the meeting in Beijing will mean the end of my term as your President for ISAR. Gabriel Osorno, President Elect since ISAR2014, has asked to resign. The ExCo has asked prof Moshe Kon to take his place as President Elect and to be serving as the President during the next three-year period until ISAR 2020. Professor Moshe Kon is one of the founders and has been active in our society since the very start. He has impressive knowledge and experience in administration. I warmly welcome him as my successor and I know that prof Moshe Kon will be contributing with excellence as the ISAR President.

Bidding for ISAR2020. At the General Assembly on Saturday the 23rd we are also going to vote for the ISAR2020. We encourage all members from the Americas to send in your bid and to prepare for a short PowerPoint presentation. The aim of the Society is to have a geographic rotation which allows all continents to be represented. We are looking forward to your bid.

I will end my last President´s letter by expressing my gratitude for having had the honor of serving as the first President of ISAR. Our Society is very young and still growing. With our congress in Paris ISAR2014 and the upcoming ISAR2017 in Beijing our society has made a significant contribution in the field of ear reconstruction. When ISAR was founded in 2012 we stated that one of the purposes should be “to promote excellence in all facets of auricular reconstruction; to furnish a forum for the best scientific works related to congenital and acquired auricular deformities”. I am proud of what we have achieved this far and I wish all the best for the new ExCo. I will always be there for support and help if needed.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Beijing.

S O Wikstrom

President of ISAR



President’s Message May 2017

In the northern hemisphere we are now welcoming the spring. Something we especially long for up north in the Scandinavian countries after a long, dark and cold winter. The light green colours of spring remind us of the new life sprouting all around us. Everything feels reborn again.

For the still young ISAR it also feels like spring. We are preparing for everything to bloom at our world congress in Beijing in September. Or more accurate, we are looking forward to harvesting the fruits of three years of research, clinical experiences and new ideas in ear reconstruction. The ISAR 2014 in Paris was a great success and I am convinced that we will enjoy and appreciate the ISAR 2017 in Beijing just as much. The program for ISAR 2017 is very promising and I know that the arrangements for both the academic and social programs are being  extraordinary well taken care of by our local host professor Haiyue Jiang.

Through our website it is now possible to register and I really encourage all of you to do so and to join us in Bejing in September the 22nd to 24th.

Check out for detailed information concerning registration, dead-line for abstract submission, visa requirements, accommodation etc on our website.

Please encourage other interested colleagues to come to Beijing and to participate at ISAR 2017 and also to apply to become a member of the ISAR. The membership application form and further information is available on the website.

At the ISAR 2017 my five years of serving as your president will come to an end. A new Executive Committee will be elected as well as voting for the venue city for ISAR 2020.

It has been an honour and a great pleasure both being an active part of founding the Society and also being given the honour of acting as the first President of ISAR.

Thank you and hope to see you in Beijing.

S O Wikstrom

President of ISAR

Presidents Message December 2016

Very soon we will welcome a new year again, hopefully filled with joy and happiness. This will be a very special year for ISAR, since we are arranging our second international ear reconstruction congress in Beijing.

In October the ISAR ExCo met in London to make the final preparation for the upcoming ISAR 2017. Together with our Chinese host and ExCo member Prof Haiyue Jiang and his colleague Dr Hengyun Sun we finalized the plans for the congress, which I can assure you will be an unforgettable event.

Due to several reasons the planned dates for the ISAR 2017 have been changed from late October to September the 22-24.
We are sorry that the preliminary dates that were announced earlier had to be changed and we do hope that this does not affect your possibilities of attending the congress.

For our ISAR members there will be a reduced registration fee. In the early New Year, our website will carry detailed information concerning registration, dead-line for abstract submission, visa requirements, accommodation etc.

As I have mentioned in previous letters our aim is to expand our activities beyond the world meeting arranged every three years. ISAR can endorse local or regional meetings. When planning any ear reconstruction meeting or workshop please send us an outline programme for consideration. It is likely to be approved provided that it meets ethical and educational requirements. This will also allow you to advertise the course on our website.

I also would like to emphasize our aim to increase our membership number. Please encourage other experienced colleagues to apply and to join our society. The membership application process has been redesigned to emphasise the importance of commitment and references.

I wish you all a nice and enjoyable ending of this year and a Happy New 2017 and I do hope to see you all in Beijing in September!

S O Wikstrom


President’s Message – Summer 2016

Dear Colleagues,

Summer is here in the northern hemisphere and in Scandinavia we are now enjoying the return of the long days and very short nights. Above the polar circle the sun is now shining 24/7 in our Nordic countries.

ISAR 2017

In October, the ISAR ExCo will meet in London together with our Chinese hosts to finalize the planning for ISAR 2017. We can assure you that ISAR 2017 in Beijing will be a memory you don’t want to miss, both scientifically and socially. With just over one year to go,  and we will provide you with information needed for visa applications etc well in advance to facilitate your presence in Beijing. We are planning for a very interesting and comprehensive program covering all aspects of auricular and hearing reconstruction as well as of tissue engineering. Hopefully we will also be able to repeat the much appreciated sculpting work-shop from ISAR 2014 in Paris.

As mentioned in my the last ‘President’s Message’  one of the main advantages of being a full member is the special discounted fee to attend ISAR 2017.  Further information on how to register will be provided soon.


This year we will again announce two new Francoise Firmin Travelling Awards. More details will follow shortly.


Again I would like to repeat our aim to expand the ISAR activities beyond our world congresses. Remember to send us an outline of the program if you are running, planning or involved with an ear reconstruction meeting or workshop. If accepted, the meeting could then be advertised on our website.

On behalf of the executive committee I wish you a very nice and relaxing summer holiday.

S O Wikstrom

Presidents December Message 2015

Believe or not but it is already December again. The year 2015 is now soon coming to and end. We all hope for a peaceful, positive and fruitful 2016.

Together with my colleagues in the ISAR ExCo, Neil Bulstrode and Ken Stewart, we recently visited China where we were guests of the Chinese Society of Plastic Surgery. Other than exchanging lectures on our favourite subject the primary purpose of the trip was to start planning for ISAR 2017 in Beijing.

The ISAR ExCo meeting, together with our Chinese hosts, was held in Fuzhou in connection with the National Conference of Chinese Society of Plastic Surgery. We would like to express our gratitude for being so well taken care of by our Chinese hosts Prof Haiyue Jiang, Dr Hengyun Sun and Dr Ye Bi. I had personally also the pleasure of visiting Prof Ruhong Zhang at the 9th Peoples Hospital in Shanghai prior to the meeting.

The ISAR 2017 in Beijing is planned for October 2017. Our hosts have great plans and we are looking forward to the meeting with confidence. We are convinced that we are going to have a successful and very fruitful meeting.

We three were incredibly impressed by the hard work and diligence of our Chinese members. Their case volume is unrivaled and their ground breaking work in cartilage tissue engineering is sure to feature prominently in Beijing.

As informed in the August message, we have funded two Francoise Firmin travelling awards. We have decided to extend the deadline for applications to 31st of December 2015. Please consider sponsoring an application.

Members will soon be sent a membership pack. This will include an ISAR pin badge and an ISAR branded USB stick. The stick will be loaded with an ISAR branded PowerPoint template and a high resolution logo in PDF format which full members are permitted to utilise on their professional websites and stationary as they see fit along with an email footer.

In addition to these benefits we hope to significantly discount attendance at each world meeting. Details will be forthcoming but essentially we are looking at a pro rata discount for each year of membership.

We also would like to increase our membership numbers. Please encourage other experienced enthusiasts to apply, join and engage. We will be redesigning the membership application process to emphasize the importance of commitment and references.

Finally we would like to expand our activities beyond the world meeting every three years. The simplest way to do this will be to endorse local or regional meetings. If, for example, you are running, planning or involved with an ear reconstruction meeting or workshop then please send us an outline programme for consideration. Provided it meets ethical and educational requirements it is likely to be approved. This will allow wider awareness of the society and advertisement of the course on our website.

On behalf of the executive committee I wish you well.  Keep safe and keep building ears.

I wish you all an enjoyable ending of 2015 and a Happy New 2016!

S O Wikstrom


Presidents November Message 2015

Dr Burt Brent – ISAR Honorary Member

burt brent small

At the world congress ISAR2014 in Paris, Dr Burt Brent was awarded Honorary Membership  in our Society. Unfortunately, he was not able to attend the meeting to receive “The ISAR Ear”.

In October this year I had the great pleasure and honour to meet with Burt Brent in California to present to him the ISAR Honorary Member Ear statuette.

Starting in the sixties, together with his mentor and friend Dr Radford Tanzer, Dr Burt Brent developed and perfected the technique in ear reconstruction with autologous cartilage. Many are we, who have been warmly welcomed to his office in Woodside and have had the pleasure to attend his operations at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View. His professional, caring and warm attitude towards his young patients and their parents, together with his artistry in the operating room has been a great inspiration for all visiting colleagues.

Dr Burt Brent has devoted his entire medical career to “his children” with microtia and with 2000 completed reconstructions he is by far a master of the field. Combined with his warm, gentle and humble personality, with a great sense of humour, he also is a role model for many of us. In 2005 he was named Clinician of the Year by the American Association of Plastic Surgeons.

Apart from his international career as plastic surgeon he also has a noticeable career in art.

His sculpted animals in stainless steel and bronze have been widely recognized. He is elected member in Society of Animal Artists and has received Awards of Excellence several times. His full sized bronze hippo at the San Francisco Zoo is one example of his artistic achievements.

The ISAR Honorary Member Ear is created by our ISAR member Dr Martin Oberg (Secretary General elect). The ear is welded in layers on an iron plate mounted on an oak block.

S O Wikstrom

President´s August Message 2015

Summer is soon coming to an end; at least here in the northern part of Europe.

I do hope you have all had the possibility of enjoying a nice and refreshing vacation and that you are now eager to return to the clinics and hospitals.

In my last letter I mentioned the planning of a travel scholarship and we are now happy and proud to announce…


Since the aim of ISAR is to promote best education and clinical practice in the field of auricular reconstruction the executive committee is now introducing two annual awards of 1,000 euros each. The travelling award is meant to support the promotion of best clinical practice in the field of auricular reconstruction or surgery for microtia and atresia internationally.

These awards are open to any full or associate ISAR member or supported senior trainee/colleague. Examples of visits which maybe supported include:

  1. Educational visits to countries or regions where ear reconstruction is not widely available to promote best practice in auricular reconstruction.
  2. Educational visits aimed at providing the visitor with experience in auricular reconstruction which they can implement and utilise in their own country.

The travel award will preferably be given to surgeons visiting areas where auricular reconstruction is inadequately provided or to surgeons coming from such countries who wish to develop and promote such services in their own healthcare system and country.

You will find more valuable information concerning application form here

I also want to repeat the ISAR ExCo committment to ensure that members receive positive benefits for their continued membership in ISAR:

  • Discounts for the ISAR 2017 Registration Fee
  • The above introduced ISAR Francoise Firmin Annual Travelling Award.
  • New and exisiting members will receive ( in due course)  a USB-stick with electronic materials e.g email footnote, PowerPoint template, the electronic ISAR logo and of course the ISAR pin badge.
  • We again would like to encourage and welcome our members to help developing the ISAR website as a platform for knowledge about all aspects of auricular reconstructions; scientific reports, tutorials, reports from meetings or missions. We are looking forward to receiving your links or material to be published on our website.

Once again I take the opportunity to welcome applications from colleagues who want to become an ISAR member. If you know any colleague who should be a member do not hesitate to recommend an application to our Society.

We are open for plastic surgeons, ENT and craniofacial surgeons working in the field of auricular reconstruction. As stated in our by-laws, exemptions can be made even if not all criteria for membership are fulfilled.

I wish you all a nice autumn filled with new exciting and interesting surgical challenges.

S O Wikstrom

President’s Summer Message  2015

For many of us in the northern hemisphere the summer has just begun and summer holidays are approaching. For our members on the southern part of the earth the winter is on it´s way. Whether we like it hot or cold the seasonal changes are always there making us aware of the time endlessly moving on. For ISAR, being only 3 years, this has only just started.

During the EURAPS conference in Edinburgh in May the members of the ISAR ExCo had the possibility to meet. The planning for the ISAR 2017 in Beijing has already started and we are very much looking forward to see you all there.

The surgical work-shop which was arranged at the ISAR 2014 in Paris was extremely popular and very quickly “sold out”. We plan for a new ear carving work-shop in Beijing where we hope to be able to invite everybody interested in ear sculpturing.

The ISAR ExCo are committed to ensure that members receive positive benefits for their continued support of our fledgling society, such as:

  • The annual fee will include discounts for the ISAR 2017.
  • A travel scholarship will soon be announced.
  • New members will receive a USB-stick with electronic materials eg email footnotes, PowerPoint templates and logo PDF and of course the ISAR pin.
  • We would like to develop our website as a platform for knowledge about all aspects of auricular reconstructions; scientific reports, tutorials, reports from meetings or missions. Please send your links or material to us so we can publish them on our website.

In the interests of society prosperity members of the executive committee have agreed, that at least for the tenure of the current executive committee, all travelling and accommodation expenses for executive council and society meetings will be borne by the individuals involved. This is in significant contrast to other surgical societies and I hope the membership will recognise this as a mark of commitment to the ongoing success of ISAR.

The number of members in the ISAR growing and we are pleased to welcome all our new members. If you know colleagues who should be a member do not hesitate to recommend an application to our Society. We are open for plastic surgeons, ENT and craniofacial surgeons working in the field of auricular reconstruction. As stated in our by-laws, exemptions can be made even if not all criteria for membership are fulfilled.

I wish you all an enjoyable and refreshing summer (or winter) holiday.

S O Wikstrom

President’s Message December 2014

The year 2014 is now coming to an end. For ISAR it has been a very prosperous year.

The ISAR 2014 Congress in Paris was a great success and with our first General Assembly the Society was formally established. I am honoured to be your President for the coming three years and I promise to work hard to promote the policies of our Society.

We are happy to welcome our new ISAR members and we hope to welcome many more during the next year.

At the ISAR 2014 Congres our Chinese colleagues were chosen as hosts for the ISAR 2017 Congress. We welcome Prof. Jiang and Prof. Zhang as members of the ExCo. We are looking forward to the future meeting in Beijing and we have already started the planning process within the ExCo.

I wish you all a pleasant end to 2014 and a Happy New 2015!

S O Wikstrom


President’s Message September 2014


The first congress of ISAR was a great success.  More than 160 delegates, including plastic surgeons, ENTs and maxillo-fascial surgeons from 40 different countries contributed to the successful outcome.

During the three days, 11 Keynote lectures, a surgical film session and the presentations of more than 70 papers covered the whole spectrum of ear and hearing reconstruction, among them tissue engineering and different aspects of audiological habilitation.

The meeting ended with an unforgettable congress dinner at the UNESCO building.

Ear sculpting work-shop

The congress started with a very popular Ear Sculpting Workshop under the guidence of Francoise Firmin. First and second prize for the best sculpted frame-works were awarded to Maria Fernanda Valotta from Buenos Aires, Argentina and Grant Fairbanks from Salt Lake City, USA.

The Burt Brent Prize

The very first Burt Brent Prize for best presentation was awarded to Dr Zung Chung Chen from Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taoyan, Taiwan.  Congratulations!

New Executive Council

At the General Assembly the new Executive Council was voted.

We welcome Gabriel Osorno, Bogota, Colombia as the new President Elect, to take over the presidency in 2017.

We also welcome Alexandre Marchac as Treasurer Elect and Martin Oberg as Secretary General Elect.

We also welcome the host for ISAR2017 in the Executive Council for the next three years.

Until 2017 Neil Bulstrude and Ken Stewart will together with me continue as Secretary General, Treasurer and President.

Honoray Member

Burt Brent was appointed Honorary Member of ISAR. He was unfortunately not able to be present at the meeting, which we all regret, but he sent us his best wishes by telephone during one of the sessions.


Two bids were submitted for hosting ISAR2017; Beijing and New York. During the General Assembly both applicants were given time to present their bids. The presentations were followed by a closed vote and the result was made official at the congress dinner.

The winner is Beijing and we congratulate the Chinese team and look forward to coming to the ISAR2017 in Beijing.

Thank you

We also want to express our gratitude to Sara and Margaret from In-conference who are taking care of the ISAR administration and have been working hard to help organize ISAR2014. Thank you for doing it so well!

Finally, thank you again to Francoise and Alexandre for a wonderful, fruitful and memorable ISAR2014 in Paris!

Congratulations to a very successful meeting. We all had a great time, learned a lot, enjoyed beautiful Paris, made new friends and returned home filled with new knowledge and ideas for the (y)ears to come.

Please do not forget to follow our website

S O Wikstrom


President’s Message August 2014

I hope you have all had a nice and relaxing summer. In less than four weeks, we look forward to welcoming you to the ISAR 2014 in Paris, the 25th-27th of September.

Three days in beautiful Paris with a very interesting and promising scientific program prepared by our hosts Francoise Firmin and Alexandre Marchac.

This will be a great opportunity to learn the latest in all fields of ear reconstruction and also to meet your colleagues as well as creating new contacts and friends in the field of ear reconstruction.

For those of you interested in hosting ISAR 2017 the procedure is as follows.

In the ISAR by-laws article V: MEETINGS paragraph 4, the procedure for choosing the next host for the ISAR International Congress is stated as follows:

Full members wishing to be considered to host the next ISAR International Congress should submit their proposal in writing to the General Secretary 1 month prior to the forthcoming meeting. Candidate local hosts will make a presentation prior to voting in the General Assembly Meeting. The next ISAR International Congress will preferably be in another continent.”

We have decided to delay the deadline for the bidding until September 8th. We welcome you to submit any proposal and also to prepare a presentation (not longer than 7 minutes) at the General Assembly on Friday the 26th. Thereafter the vote will take place. Please contact if you have any questions.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Paris.

S O Wikstrom
Acting President

President’s Message April 2014

The ISAR 2014 Congress is getting closer and you will find the website open for Abstract Submission. The following themes are invited:

  • Auricular reconstruction
  • Audiologic habilitation
  • Surgical film
  • Tissue engineering

Don´t forget to send your abstract before the deadline; 18th of April. More detailed information can be found under the headline “2014 Congress”.

An ISAR award for best paper will be presented.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in Paris for an unforgettable meeting, sharing experiences and gaining knowledge that will benefit us all and our patients.

We have also had the pleasure of continuously receiving new applications for membership.

Under the headline “Patient Information” you will find the world map with the centres’ and members so far registered as full members.

If you have ideas, thoughts or questions concerning ISAR you are welcome to mail to

I look forward to seeing you in Paris

S O Wikstrom
Acting President

President´s New Years message

2013 has come to an end and a new year has just begun. The big event for ISAR will be the 2014 Congress in Paris. We are looking forward to greet a majority of international plastic surgeons, ENTs and maxillofacial surgeons devoted to ear/hearing reconstruction. We assure you that our hosts in Paris, Francoise Firmin and Alexandre Marchac will present an excellent scientific as well as social program.

We are pleased to welcome our new members. For those of you who have not already applied for membership we invite you to proceed to the section “membership” for on-line application. In the section ”About ISAR/by-laws” you find information on the membership requirements. The applications will be processed by the Executive Council and the new members will be officially announced at the meeting in Paris.

The website will be updated with information on the active members. There will also be a world map where each member can be found and where addresses, emails and websites can be exposed.

Warmest Wishes for a Happy New Year and for some a Happy New Ear!

S O Wikstrom
Acting President

October 2013

Welcome to the new ISAR website!

Our new website is now up and running. We hope you will find it useful and informative. In addition to information regarding ISAR, there will also be a patients´ section. The plan is to progressively enlarge the content of this section for the benefit of our patients.

It is now less than a year until the first ISAR congress in Paris the 25th-27th of September 2014. I can assure you that Francoise Firmin and Alexandre Marchac will arrange a great meeting that you do not want to miss. Make sure you mark these days “ISAR-Paris” in your calendar. See details in the section beside.

The new website will also give you the possibility to apply for ISAR membership on-line. In the section “About ISAR”/”By-laws” you find information on the membership requirements. The applications will be processed by the Executive Council and the new members will be officially announced at the meeting in Paris.

See you in Paris!

Kind regards
S O Wikstrom

January 2013

Dear Colleagues,

During the 5th Congress on Auricular Reconstruction last year in Sydney the question of forming a Society for auricular reconstruction was raised. The purpose and benefit of constituting an international Society would be providing a platform to promote excellence in auricular reconstruction as well as a support for our international meetings. The Society would help increasing knowledge, stimulate research and education and contribute to better contact and interactions between the members of the Society, open for membership applications from specialist in Plastic Surgery, Otolaryngology and Maxillo-Facial.

In October 2012 I had the pleasure of hosting the founding meeting of the new International Society for Auricular Reconstruction-ISAR in Malmö. The initiative came from UK, Sweden, Netherlands and France. Some twenty invitations were sent worldwide which finally ended up with a group of eight colleagues (plastic surgeons and ENT) gathering in Malmö. The results of the intense work during the week-end are now accessible on this website. Thank you Neil, Ken and Moshe for great work!

As you can see our first ISAR congress will be held in Paris in September 2014, hosted by Francoise Firmin and Alexandre Marchac. We are all looking forward to this and I can assure you that it will be a great and successful meeting. Make a note in your 2014 calendars on 25th-27th September 2014; ISAR –Paris!

Kind regards

SO Wikstrom

Head of Scandinavian Ear Reconstruction Centre
Dept of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Skane University hospital
Malmo, Sweden