Keynote Speakers


We are pleased to announce the following confirmed keynote speakers.

'Ear reconstruction in cases of post traumatic amputation from partial to total defects : personal rules and algorithm'
Dr. Françoise Firmin

Dr Françoise Firmin, French Plastic Surgeon in Paris, started to perform ear reconstruction regularly after visiting Burt Brent in 1985. In 2001 , she was President of the « Société Française de Chirurgie Plastique Reconstructive et Esthétique « and in 2007 President of the "European Association of Plastic Surgeons". She hosted in Paris the first meeting of the ISAR Society. She has published a book, on her three decades of experience in ear reconstruction surgery: "Ear Reconstruction Surgery. Thieme Medical Publishers”
'Systematic Approach to the Two-Stage Auricular Reconstruction: Auricular reconstruction for hemifacial microsomia cases'
Dr. Satoru Nagata

Satoru Nagata, MD., Ph.D.
Medical Director of Nagata Microtia and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Clinic,
Editorial Advisory Board Member of JPRAS: Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
'Binaural Hearing in congenital atresia: Comparison of bone conduction and active middle ear stimulation'
Dr. Henning Frenzel

I am an assistant professor at the University of Lübeck, Germany and consultant ENT & facial plastic surgeon at the University Hospital. My special focus is hearing rehabilitation with active implants as well as pinna reconstruction. I am responsible for the microtia and atreasia program since 2005.
'Auricular reconstruction based on tissue engineering technology'
Dr. Yilin Cao

Dr. Yilin Cao is a Professor of Plastic Surgery at Shanghai 9th People’s Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine. He graduated from Shanghai Second Medical University with a MD degree in 1975 and with a PhD degree in 1991. His major contribution is the creation of cartilage in the shape of human ear in nude mouse, and thus he received James Barrett Brown Award in 1998, and the Maliniac Lecture—excellent honor esteem in 2010, at the meeting of American Association of Plastic Surgeons.

Currently, Prof. Cao serves as the Directors of National Tissue Engineering Center of China; Shanghai Institute of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery; and Shanghai Key Laboratory of Tissue Engineering. Meanwhile, Prof. Cao serves as the Asia-Pacific Chapter of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society; the Vice president of Chinese Society for Biomaterials; the President-elect of the Reparative and Reconstructive Surgery affiliated to Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine; the chief editor of Chinese Journal “Tissue Engineering and Reconstructive Surgery”; and the Executive Editor of Journal “Biomaterials” & "Tissue Engineering"; and many editors of foreign journals such as Journal “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery”; “Advances in Wound Care”; and “STEM CELLS Translational Medicine”, etc.

Up to now, Prof. Cao has published more than 200 research papers, among them there are more than 70 SCI papers as the corresponding author; Editor-in-chief of “the Theory and Practice of Tissue Engineering”, “The Tissue Engineering”; and in addition to participate in the preparation of several monographs. He has trained 6 post doctoral students, and more than 60 doctoral students; obtained 29 licensed patents, in which one is the patent for utility models.
'Ear Reconstruction: From Replication to Aesthetics'
Professor Ruhong Zhang

As an EXCO member in ISAR and vice chairman in CSAR, Dr. Ruhong Zhang, a plastic surgeon from Shanghai 9th People’s Hospital, is active in the ear reconstruction. Over the past 15 years, he performed more than 3000 cases and published more than 15 papers.
'Efficacy and safety of staged aesthetic and hearing rehabilitation in patients with bilateral microtia-atresia'
Dr. Xiaowei Chen

Dr. Xiaowei Chen, M.D., professor and vice director of ENT Dept. of Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH). She has been committed to otomicrosurgery and otoneurology for 30 years. She is an expert in the fields of auricle reconstruciton, cochlear implant, atresiaplasty, and genetic diagnosis of hereditary hearing loss.
'Paediatric ear cartilage engineering – potential of adipose-derived stem cells and microtic chondroblasts'
Professor Patrizia Ferretti

Patrizia Ferretti is Professor of Regenerative Biology at UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, London, UK. She studied at Pisa University and at the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research, Milan, Italy, prior to moving to the Max Planck Institute, Goettingen, Germany, and then to London, UK, initially as a postdoc and then as a group leader. She has a long-standing interest in the basic mechanisms governing tissue repair and regeneration in the context of normal and abnormal development. She has made a sustained and internationally recognized contribution to the regeneration field. She has identified a number of cellular and molecular mechanisms that play a role in response to injury and repair using a variety of in vivo and in vitro models. Current work in her laboratory continues to implement the successful strategy of addressing basic biological questions and harnessing the information acquired to develop new approaches to repair diseased or damaged human tissues that do not spontaneously regenerate.
'An International Study to Develop a Patient-Reported Outcome Measure for Ear Conditions: The EAR-Q'
Dr Anne Klassen

Dr Klassen is internationally known as a health services researcher with expertise in developing patient-reported outcome measures. These measures include the BREAST-Q, FACE-Q, BODY-Q, CLEFT-Q and most recently FACE-Q Kids. She is a Professor in the Dept of Pediatrics at McMaster University in Canada.
'Ear Reconstruction in 21st Century'
Dr John Reinisch

John F. Reinisch MD is Professor of Surgery at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. He is the Director of Craniofacial and Pediatric Plastic Surgery at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Dr. Reinisch developed the Medpor method of ear reconstruction in 1990 with his former resident Dr. Tad Wellisz. He has the world's largest experience with ear reconstruction using a porous polyethylene framework. Dr. Reinisch and his associate, Dr Youssef Tahiri, will do over 180 primary ear reconstructions in 2017. Their book, "Modern Microtia Reconstruction", will be available from Springer in 2018.
'Three-Stage Functional Ear Reconstruction for Microtia with Congenital Aural Stenosis'
Dr. Tianyu Zhang

Director of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Eye & ENT Hospital of Fudan University.
Professor Shuzhong Guo